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    Golf Instruction

Teaching Philosophy

If you set up correctly, and have a good foundation, you have a better chance of swinging correctly. Proper grip, stance & posture, are the keys for consistency. Lessons available by appointment only. Private and Group lessons are available.

Kenny Shipp

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TEACHING PHILOSOPHY- I have always believed that everyone has their own swing. As a golf professional, I adjust your swing so that your swing is effective and consistent allowing you to enjoy the game to its fullest. Many golfers watch endless videos of other people’s swings and try to match their swing and get nothing out of it. My teaching style is to help you achieve the visual, mental, and then physical part of your golf swing. My philosophy is good for golfers of all ages. You invested a lot of time and money to playing a round of golf so why not get the most out of it. Let’s make golf fun again together.

Tyler Foster


My objective as an instructor is to educate the student with the proper information to help the student succeed. I believe a firm foundation in the fundamentals and mechanics of the swing are keys to correcting faults in the swing. I think it is important not only to find the faults, but also show why things happen and how to fix it. It is important for the student to understand so that they can learn to apply what they’ve learned into their swing. I understand that every swing is unique and that’s why I approach every lesson with an open mind. Most importantly, I believe the reason we play this great game is for fun. My goal is to make it as easy for you to learn so you can get back to having fun instead of struggle throughout the round.

Golf Lesson Rates
Adult Lesson 45 – 60 min. $65/Lesson
Adult 3 Lesson Package
(Winter – March 1st)
Junior (14 & Under) Lesson $55/Lesson
Junior 3 Lesson Package $135
Full Time Student – 3 Days per Week $400/Month
Clinic (4-6 people per group) 60 min. $30/Person
9 Hole Playing Lesson $75
Club Fitting $40, No Charge if Clubs are Purchased Through Emerald Lake

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