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    Tavern Restaurant Menu

First Tee

Buffalo / Teriyaki / Chesapeake Dry Rub / Blue Cheese or House Ranch

Queen City Poutine
Hand Cut Fries / Cheese Curds / Carmalized Onion Gravy

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake
Crimson Slaw / Creole Aoli

Confit Garlic / Lemon / Coriander / Pita

On The Green

Whole Heart of Romaine / Shaved Parmesan / Applewood Bacon / Croutons 

Goat Cheese / Beets / Tomato / Toasted Almond / Honey Sumac

The Sand Wedge

Turkey Club

Tavern Burger
Cheddar / Bacon / Caramelized Onion / LT / Churchill Sauce 

Braised BBQ Pork Belly
Pickled Red Onion / Greens / Heirloom Tomato / Smoked Onion Aoli

Seared Salmon Naanwich
Field greens / heirloom tomatoes / lemon dill sauce / naan bread

The Final Round

Dublin Street Steak
Marinated with Irish whisky, brown sugar, rosemary, clove 

Braised Pork Hash
Potato / Caramelized Onion / Fried Egg

Penne Michaelangelo
Sun dried tomato / prosciutto / shiitake / peas

Boat Cod Fish and Chips
Housemade tartar  / handcut fries